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I must admit, I feel a little silly stopping in here everyday and typing something but, at the same time, in an odd way, it makes me feel more accountable.

Last night wasn’t easy. Over the past two years I have turned into a LIVE bettor. This means that I bet on games as they are being played. So, for me, it is much, much tougher to watch a game/event without playing betting scenarios in my head.

For example, I was watching the Washington Capitals vs. the Pittsburgh Penguins last night. The score was Pittsburgh 3 to Washington 1 going into the last period. I felt like the game was destined for OVERTIME. In the past I would have thrown 250.00 or 500.00 on the +850 odds before the third period or right after it started (hoping to catch a few more dollars). Long story short, the Capitals went on to tie the game. I would have won 2125.00 or 4250.00.

I’m not going to lie. I was sick to my stomach and pist off because I knew that was coming. I guess I have to think about all the other times that I thought “I knew” something was coming but it never came.

So far, this has been a tough, jagged pill to swallow.