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I am also new here this is my first day. I already know im going to lose my stimulus check before I even have it cause of my gambling issue. What would any of you recomend I do to stop this? Just spend it as soon as I get it on something useful? I say this cause its happened so many times before that I pretty much know the urges are going to be there and Ive failed almost all of the time before so why is this time going to be any different?

Everytime I get a sum of money it happens. I’ve taken steps to close my online accounts and all of the local casinos I have self excluded and they are not open now anyways. There is always ways though even gas stations. Ive been a online poker/gambling addict since I was 16 and im 30 now. Most ever went without gambling was for 6 months in 2014. Looking for that strength again.

Update on this when I get the money I plan on having my mother open a savings with the check in her name. Better then pissing it it away which it will sooner or later I have zero confidence in myself done it way too many times. Done everything. Treatment, medication, therapy, I am still doing it and my pyhchatrist recommended my mother to make the savings.