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Your right its hard to deal with and until they do something about there issue, theres not much we can do for them but to obtain information and educate ourself of there addiction and give them numbers to GA meeting Doctors that can possbliy help but all that doesnt i repeat doesnt work if they choose not to help them selfs .I have live so many yrs with my cg gambler and to be honest thought i knew alot about the issue boy was i wrong .its like they have two faces they do mean well but its not normal and not okay to thier love onces and to them selfs . I have tried to help him you have no idea everything from a-z and he did stop the most he has gone is 5 months, but it gets wrost he know spend days !! in the casino just a week ago he replace after going two month with no gambling and he didnt even show up to work for five nights!! yup thats crazy !!i had to go a see it to believe it and he was there and surely he looked awful .ANywho yes your young can do much more than that if your not married you have a chance for BREAK . and let your self breath and really see what you want of life and mabye he could have time to see what he really needs of life and if maybe just maybe he sees what a wonderfull person you are and see what changes he could do to help HIMSELF so he can give you what you want in this relationship.
keep posting and god bless you