Thanks V and Madge for you comments. It’s good to know someone else somewhere understands. My cg gets paid on a friday and so yesterday came and no reply to my text. It went very quiet and here the cycle continues. He’s gone off to the bookies this happens when it goes silent. I know this is what happening so I’m okay. Next I get the message ‘I’m so depressed and I have no money.’ I have no sympathy, I will not send any money. This part of the cycle I understand, he had money, he gambled it. I can deal with this part of the cycle because I can understand what is going on. It’s when I’m not strong I cave in. I feel I can only tell him again there is help out there and he has to seek it himself. I want a quiet weekend this week, I am fed up of having to ‘deal’ with him every weekend. Apologies if this is a garbled message, for me writing it down here gives me strength to clear my head and try and work a way through it.

V – it was too late for me to join the group on Thursday, i’m an hour ahead and was so tired.

So I’m off to think of ways to enjoy MY weekend with my partner and friends. Have a good one. San xx