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Hi Neecy and everyone, it has been awhile since I have been here. My compulsive gambler was doing so well. We finished 6 months of counseling, and he was back working with Billy Graham, My Hope America. Teaching SS again. Then an old friend came to town, and that seemed to be a trigger. After 1 1/2 yrs. of not gambling, he returned to play Texas Hold em, nonstop 4 days. This has been on and off for 15 years. But I thought he was done. I notice this time he is very angry, and blaming all this on everyone else. He says no one appreciates him or cares and just yells and screams about everything! He just came home today and he knew that this was it. He actually was the one who told me, if he ever were to do this again that I should make him leave or shoot him (kidding of course about this one) but this is how much he hates it too. But I still love him very much (for 43 yrs,) I love him too much to not give him up. So this is what I have done. For me it is placing him at the foot of the cross, and allowing the Lord to do whatever is best for him. It is very hard, but hang in there, we know joy comes in the morning when we can let them go.
God Bless and keep U