As promised – This is a post written by a CG in response to another CG who was asking if recovery can be achieved without support.

“Great question and one that’s been asked so many times. I couldn’t have given up without help.

The question is asked can I stop alone? I can’t say 100% ‘no’ recovery can’t be gained without help

1. I’ve not met every gambler, but as yet I’ve not met a true CG whose found recovery without help

2. Not every Gambler is compulsive, they may just have used gambling recreationally and it has run away with them for a short while, but we have to remember that this addiction is progressive. If you ask any CG, who has accepted recovery, when it was they went from recreational to problematic to compulsive I doubt they could answer

A compulsive gambler in denial will be asking and answering their own distorted questions with their own distorted answers, the perpetual cycle will continue until someone can challenge what you’re saying and thinking. This then brings up the next question “when does a CG know that they are thinking in a distorted way”. The answer in my opinion is to talk to people who are living without distorted thoughts such as other CG’s in recovery who have almost definitely done this and know they can’t trust their own thoughts, this can be done at GA, GT, CBT, Counselling etc or any other support group… trying to find recovery alone will remove this option and that in my opinion is the biggest reason a CG cannot find recovery alone.

Then my last question is “why would we want to find recovery alone”? The answer is normally “I’m Ashamed” or in some instances the truth is a CG knows the above and hasn’t quite got to the point yet of accepting the reality of his or her addiction”

As an addendum – I also have never heard of a CG who has controlled their addiction without support.

Hope this helps

Speak soon