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At peace tonight and have made a good start to the month. All my bills are paid and up to date thanks to my dad and my fridge is full .
Top tip , if you ever come to my house for tea , always come the day after pay day , when fridge is full of nice things , leave it to the end of the month and not so tasty.
I hit ms just at the right time and was stalking the whoops lady to good affect .
The one thing that feels better tonight with not paying back my dad this time is that I dont feel as pressured at work in the coming week . Im not going to quit but its certainly taken a load off .
The other big event of this weekend was that I passed a kidney stone .
Must tell this joke now ive said that . Doctor to patient you have trouble passing water ? Patient .. well I did have a dizzy spell once coming over the tyne bridge .
The funny thing about the kidney stone was that without going into details , someone , something , definitely watches over me .
And im so grateful for that .
Happy fathers day to my dad and Im blessed to have him x