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Aw Monica , that is a huge worry for you- you are right – life never runs too smoothly. My prayers are with your daughter.

It good that you got something useful from your group -although I don’t think it was as simple as opening a box – you created the light . You persevered through the rough terrain – the mud , the stinging weeds and rocky climbs – you persevered no matter how much you felt like giving up , and you brought yourself to the lush pastures beyond .
You took the actions you needed to to get there Monica – you put yourself on a train to GM house when you could hardly afford to eat and were often in pain. You waded through the benefits system when you were ill in order to survive.

You took the uncomfortable action which would allow you to choose who to live with . You refused to accept that the foodbank would be part of your life – you set your expectations higher.
You applied for jobs a soon As you felt well enough to go to them. You didn’t take no for an answer when it came to your health .
And all the time you supported others both online and offline .

Monica, you have got through this through sheer willpower , resilience and determination- you never gave up on you ! We need people Like you running this country!