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This thread is about YOU, GV, not about a woman who has a gambling problem.
It’s up to her to solve that.
Your problem is, as I understand it, based a warped perception of women and relationships in general.
You “got rid of” your wife because she “got fat”. Now you are worried that this “gorgeous” goddess will use her looks and “troll for a new benefactor”.
I’m not judging you at all. I just feel sad that a man in his 50s feels so insecure, when he could have so much more going for him.
There are women (maybe not as perfect as “herself”) who may be happy to share your company on a healthy level.
In my experience people who want genuine recovery for Friends and Family sometimes have to give the CG a break to allow them (us) to work out their own difficulties.
The longer others in my life helped me to mask my gambling, the more I took advantage and I did resent their enablement at some level.
Would you consider taking counselling to discuss your own insecurity issues (we all have them) or even discuss them here or in Velvet’s Group.
The reason I follow your thread is because it reminds me of how I played people like a fiddle when I wanted to gamble.
I never figured their reasons for being enablers.