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Thank you V for your support as always – loving and kind and leaves me with food for thought.

Trying to “keep the light going” but it is so hard. I had a vulnerable moment with my CG tonite when I told him I finally understood that sometimes when he doesn’t say anything during an important discussion (with the kids or me) it is because -I realized – he doesn’t know what to say. I thought this was insightful, supportive and open. His response (after a beat) “You see? Even someone Perfect learns something once in a while”. How hurtful!!! When I confronted him he said (as usual) “oh, it was only a joke” – Not a joke. and I was trying to offer an olive branch..only to be slapped in the face.

I told him he needs to look at why he is so angry at me and why he is so hostile….then I walked away…no retaliation, no yelling, just left. But why? why is he still putting stumbling blocks in front of our relationship?? It is so frustrating.

I will continue to not take his bait and not allow him to walk on me but every time i feel like we’ve made an inch of progress my CG seems to hurl us backwards a mile….

Sorry.. just venting..venting and crying..and another day tomorrow to be spent together in the house during a snowstorm..

Pray for me..