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ahh, thought I was doing so well. So confident in myself. Then this weekend happened. First weekend I have been out drinking, and then the remorse of the hangover got to me. This is my weakness. The anxiety of a hangover, led me to accessing online gambling on a borrowed computer. From there, I went on to create even more anxiety. I lost (of course), not a fortune, but enough to raise the anxiety level to that old familiar level. I guess I have found a trigger, and upon reflection, that would be a common time for me to gamble, after an evening on the booze. The following day, going thru the feeling of remorse, knowing I over drank, trying to recollect if I made a fool of myself, searching for something to give me a feeling of numbness. Well I am disappointed in myself. If I can take anything out of this, I know I need to be even more aware of my actions and reactions, thoughts and emotions.
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