Sorry for coming here to complain, but thus far, there really hasn’t been anyone else that I can talk to.

We just got into it again… It’s my fault that I can’t trust her. She says she’s been doing everything that she can, everything that I’ve been asking for. She’s opened a checking account at another bank, and said something about me not trusting her. I said that I’d been lied to for years, I can’t take “But I’m telling you the truth” as honest anymore. Tell me, but then prove it to me. Let me see that you’re not pulling and overdrawing the new account too….

No. I won’t do that, I shouldn’t have to. I’ve done everything you asked, you should trust me now….

I’ve tried not to keep tabs on her, or keep asking her where she’s been, etc. I don’t even know what her work schedule is at this point, so I don’t know if she’s at work, gambling, or on the side of the road with 2 flat tires. But me not being able to take her at her word is apparently more than she’s willing to accept right now….