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Hi Nel – you wrote: “I feel like when I’m in counseling that’s all you do.. dredge up all the old bad stuff.”  That may. be true – but it is better than creating more bad stuff by gambling!

I’m in the middle of a house move at the moment.  Before I started the place was a bit of a mess but I was getting by.  Right now it is chaos with stuff in different piles waiting to be sorted.  In a couple of weeks the whole place will be clear.

I think that is how counseling is – at first just the process of disturbing our current life is messy and chaotic, but eventually everything becomes clearer and we can see where we are going.

I write this because I think you need to give it time – just as you will need to give GA time (or here for that matter.)  There is no magic bullet to stopping gambling – it is a process and it will take time and effort on your part.

Well done on what you have achieved and I hope the GA meeting works well for you.