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Banks are closed in Ireland on Saturdays and Sundays, Debbie! As this is a Bank holiday weekend, they will be closed Monday too! Do you get extra pay for Saturdays or a day off instead?
Think of all the Saturdays we wasted in the casino….and Sundays, and Mondays, Tuesdays etc etc.!
I could visualize little Sarah toddling over with your birthday card! These are the memories we should be storing in our treasure chest, Debbie. Better than the memory of staggering from a casino like zombies, fumbling for the car keys after yet another losing streak. Think of all you would be missing if you were still gambling! I have no grandchildren Debbie (my grown up kids can barely fend for themselves) but I am close to my nieces’ and nephews’ children and I love watching their antics . The youngest baby in the extended family born in July ( a honeymoon baby) and she is going on her first holiday to Spain tomorrow. My sister’s grandchild. I felt a bit peeved that I wasn’t asked if I would like to go with the family group since I’m now free and easy. Every holiday my sister ever went on when she knew I was working, she would send me a text saying “We would all LOVE you to come with us. Why don’t you ask for time off?”. This time she just texted me to say “we are leaving for Spain on Sunday” and listed all the family members who were going….makes me feel like having my own little private holiday in the casino, but I WON’T. I will arrange the week ahead and save my (now limited) cash for better things!
Hope you have an easy day Deb!