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Yes, I’m pleased I didnt either Idi. I phoned two banks today and was transferred to about 3 different people over a period of 45 minutes, with little joy…amount I was willing to pay, even though I’ve missed 2 payments was not sufficient for them to holt referring to a debit company in the new year. I phoned the Christian financial support, who may be able to help out with advice and support in the New Year in a township about an hour and half away. Had a reasurring long chat on the ph with a very understanding and knowledgable woman, but felt a little awkward with her 4 minute prayer about me at the end. Interesting but I’m okay with that, quite nice to have someone pray and ask for support for me. This isn’t going to be an easy journey but I am determined to make it. I’m interested, how my interest in gambling has faded, why is this do you think? This is the longest time that I have managed to stay away from those horrible, soul sapping pokies….wish I never went to the casino on my 40 birthday.