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Hi Tara. I remember well the days of digging in my purse for change because the bank account was empty. I would imagine we all here have done that. Something that you said jumped out at me “So I have no time for gambling today”. Perhaps that is one of your answers – keep busy, fill up your time with things that will keep you busy. I used to call friends and tell them I was coming over right after work and to hold me accountable for that and to guilt me out if I tried to make excuses for not coming. Plan home movie nights or game nights with the kids and tell them about it ahead of time so you will feel guilty if you disappoint them. I don’t know where you live, I live in Canada, and we have a Tax Free Savings Account here that once you have put your money in it is a real pain in the butt to get it out, you have to go into the bank to transfer it and it takes 24 hours. Something like that will stop and make you think before you head to a gambling venue. Banning myself was the final thing I did that really worked for me, I could not risk entering the casino because I would have lost my job if I had been charged with trespassing. You have tons of support here, Tara, but ultimately it is your choice and only you that can make the decisions that will aid in your recovery. Stop thinking of the wasted hours, tears and regrets and move forward with life, don’t waste another minute of dwelling in the past. YOU CAN DO IT. Debbie