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thanks Mav, for dropping in. I was happy to see a message waiting for me as its been awhile since I’ve felt like posting. For a few reasons I’ll share. I had to work a few extra shifts lately and that simply wears me out. Summer is the biggest factor though since there is so much to do and things going on. Lots of outings and get togethers that we have really enjoyed. The biggest thing is getting a big retirement party organized for my hubby. He is ending his job at the end of this month. so lots to do for that.
I am working hard to not gamble and fighting urges alot. After losing my best friend I felt like I didn’t give a damn about much, so it left me feeling like nothing matters.
Trying to turn that around now and get back to what matters in life. Picked up more routine swimming too, Still working on the main floor paint job too. I need a holiday soon !!!
That”s about it for now.
I do want to wish everyone well and hope that you all are in a good space in life. Staying gamble free is my hardest goal but knowing we are all in this together really makes a difference for me. FG