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Being at home alone when you are a compulsive gambler is maybe not the best of ideas if you like me have gambled online. Went out for a bit but felt off and uneasy. My stress levels are up the roof which is why i cant go to work either. Too much responsibility and having to be a 100% there at my job. Had one of the staff calling me and asking for guidance in a tricky situation this morning, dont think i handled it too well. I hope it will be ok. I gambled too. Yesterday, did not want to admit it to myself or anyone as i somehow felt like i didnt cause i didnt make a deposit. Won some at that new casino on the Friday before we left and kept it there. Could not block myself before the money was gone i thought – then blocked myself. I know that i wrote that i had closed it down before we left. Wow i even lied to make things look good. Never wanna dissapoint anyone- always my big mistake.I had not. But now i have. No more darn lies.