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Bettie, I never thought that you were being critical of my situation. Everyone has their own opinions and suggestions. I have loved everyone of her books and I have gotten a lot from them. I am working through this and I do appreciate any help/suggestions that I can get. It makes me search my mind and heart. I need to find a happy ground where I can find peace for myself. It is hard to watch someone that you love slip further and further down a one way path. But I can’t go there either. I still feel at times very fragile when it come to my Husband. I am trying to mend that hole and move forward with my life. My Daughter needs to find her way as I can’t do it for her. Maybe she will and she may never be free of her addiction. I just want her to know that I love her and will be here to support her when she wants to get help. She knows how I feel about her drug addiction as I have made that clear. We have a relationship but not a close one as the drugs are her everything. I am coping but I need to go to the next level with her for my own sanity. It’s tough right now but I will get through this and be alright.