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Yours was the first I read of any journal here. It took me several days and gave me the courage to start my own. You are a really special somebody! I was so sad to read that you had been gambling, but you know what? There is no judgement, only support and empathy. The fact that you were able to even type those words show how strong you are. It is truly an addiction of shame and secrecy, you showed that you are stronger than those two things. You told me that this is the fight of our lives and I agree with you. Your friend sounds like she might be a bit arrogant if she can be so judgemental as to turn her back to you so easily. I hope when you tell her she surprises you with love and understanding. If she doesn’t well, what you say to Jen if she had a friend like that?
Right! Our children became the focus of so much joy and at the same time, heartache. It’s just part of loving someone more than ourselves. I have no advice on whether tough love is right or wrong with her, because I don’t think you can paint every relationship with the same brush. Hang in there, you are such a fighter, When you look at all you have accomplished in recovery, don’t let this episode hide the amazing triumph you are as a person. Much love and prayers for you. Bettie is my alltime fave!