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so sorry that you are having health problems Bettie. I hope that you get the physical therapy thing sorted out as all the stress is not good for you either. I am sorry to hear about your brother being laid off as I am sure he is stressed out about it. I don’t know it just sometimes feels like one thing after an other. It is difficult not to worry about things and let them go, but worrying does not solve the problems. I am saying this for my benefit as much as yours Bettie. I have been feeling a bit lazy lately, not motivated to do things. It comes and goes and the sun is shining today and that always helps.
Your team is playing our team today!!!! I am going to watch the game on TV. It would be so much fun to watch it together!!!
Chin up and smile, and the whole world smiles with you…. I don’t know where that came from.. Take care and look after yourself Bettie!!!