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You wrote: I came to an extra realisation gambling is a resource where I can grab in to forget about that fact.

There are many reasons why we keep gambling and this is one of them. When I am gambling I can block out anything that is causing me stress in my life. In my case it was a difficult marriage, grief that was not worked through and other personal issues. It seems for you it is a realisation that your job is not fulfilling.

If the situation is so bad that you are tempted to gamble to get away from thinking about it – then I would say it needs to be addressed. I used to work as a careers adviser in the UK and I know most cities offer a service to people, (though it may be suspended because of the virus.) If you went to University it may be worth getting in touch with them as they normally offer something to past students.

Alternatively you could start with a book such as “Wishcraft” by Barbara Sher – which gives information on using your community to help with careers advice. I wish you well.