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I read Quora occasionally.  I get an email every day from them which prompts me to go on – but quite often I only read one or two comments and then delete.  Mainly because most posters and commentators have their own political agenda and it often descends into playground name-calling.  The same is true for a number of on-line sites where people are encouraged to “have their say” including the BBC.

The difference with having a blog, would be that you would be in control of which comments could be published – so that you can set yourself up as moderator and only allow comments which you feel are constructive.  This does mean that you would have to (partly) read them in order to know.  I don’t find disagreement easy and I would worry that too much of it would affect my mental health and push me towards gambling thoughts.  But that’s me.

On the other point about “being told not to talk about it,” if something like this is in your contract of employment (and it probably is) then you could find yourself in a disciplinary situation – which again might cause stress and thoughts. Maybe wait until after retirement?

I did set up a travel blog last year and wrote a few posts about my journey.  I’ve had a few (positive) comments, but it is clear that very few people are reading it and I have found it hard to keep up.  Even now with more time on my hands (but fewer places to write about) I keep finding myself putting it off.  It is something that I need to make a decision about – but I hate abandoning projects (I think of them as failure.)  But then is chasing “losses” ever a good thing!