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You sound a bit down and lonely right now. I know that the changing of the season can have that impact on me. I love fall, however, it does not seem to be lasting long here and it feels as if winter is just around the corner. The forecast is to be around -4 all week. We have started working on going through “stuff” in the storage room in the basement. It is amazing how much stuff you hold on to. We are going to empty it all out then paint the walls and put new flooring in the storage and laundry area. We are also putting an egress window in the bedroom down there. We are also going to update the bathroom with new shower, toilet sink, paint and new flooring. Once that is done then we will paint the rec room/den and office area and then we will pull the carpet out from the bedroom and everywhere and get new carpet. I am exhausted thinking about it. It is our winter project. I don’t know where I am going to get the energy to do it all. I don’t know why but I always feel better if we have a project that we are working on, or a trip to look forward to. I think it is better to spend our money on this than on gambling.
Carole, how do you feel about moving back to the Country? What do you really want to do? Did you join or go to any of the groups that you were going to go to in the evening? It may be good for you to go to the gambling group as you will meet new people who understand the compulsive gambling. I would say keep an open mind and meet some new people who understand what you are going through. Why don’t you try and get a part-time job to see how you enjoy it as you have so much to offer. Take care!!!