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I am sorry that you gambled, but I am glad that you posted that you did it as it’s important that you are being honest and open about it. I believe that is progress for you as you would not have done that before. I am glad that you did not gamble yesterday. Did you make changes to the barriers that you had in place so that you could not get cash to gamble? Is it possible to do something else so to protect yourself from having money to gamble.? I wonder Carole if you know that you are going to gamble before it happens. I remember I would get this feeling that I just knew it was coming. I can’t explain it properly but I somehow knew. I think there is a group called better’s anonymous and they don’t say the last date they gambled. Is there one of those groups where you are? Reach out Carole and get all the support that you can. It may also help you to find new friends that you can have coffee with who understand what you are going through. These are all suggestions as only you know what is right for you. (((Carole))) I want what is best for you and I don’t think gambling is the answer. You have come a long way girl with all the changes that you have made.