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Thank you for the post on my thread and I am so happy that you are starting to post again. I miss you so much when you are not around here!!!!! I believe that Danny has not given up on a reconciliation with you Carole, and who knows he may go for counseling, anger management or something to help himself. I am glad that you are getting to spend time with your Granddaughters, and it is great that you included Danny. I have to say that when you mentioned Vegas I thought that I would love to be able to have a trip there again. I know that I would not go on a trip there, but the thought of the fun you can have, but I don’t think I could go there and not play those slots. Well, it is what it is, and there are lots of other places I could visit.
We had my daughter, son and girlfriend over for Thanksgiving Dinner. My daughter actually came and cooked dinner as I had a terrible cold. The dinner was great and we Skyped our son, his wife and our Grandkids so it was like having the family together. I am back to work today and thank goodness the cold is getting better. Keep posting!!!!