My son has taken money he has collected from customers at work & gambled it…many times & we keep replacing the money. He has changed jobs twice to avoid the situation of handling money, but in this third job, a new customer gave him cash & he gambled it . He says he has told his boss that he is a cg & he can’t handle money. He said he was understanding & would make sure he didn’t have to collect cash. We are not convinced he has actually told his boss, as he has said this at the previous jobs.He was sacked from his first job for gambling £2000 he collected, but luckily they didn’t prosecute. He got another job & paid the money back monthly. He was on his last payment, when he used customers money again…we lent him the money to replace it. He had just £50 to pay us back, when we received a text to say he had gambled £950 that he had collected. He lived with his girlfriend, but she asked him to leave as she couldn’t cope in the end. He has now moved in a house with two friends & signed a 12 month lease & pays £300 a month for his share . He has only been there for three weeks, yet last week he took that money. We felt we had to replace the money, or he would lose his job, be prosecuted & drop his friends in with a huge rent to share. We know we shouldn’t keep bailing him out. I control his money & he has been to GA on & off. After each time, he is very low & says he will do anything to get help, but after we help, he seems to forget what he’s done. When we say to him that he must know of the terrible consequences of his gambling, he says he has an addiction & it overwhelms everything. He gambles on fixed odds betting terminals that take hundreds of pounds in minutes, so he is gambling massive amounts. We are completely shattered now. After this last episode, my husband hw said we are not bailing him out again. We have told him & he said he was going to find a CBT therapist…this was last week & he still hasn’t. We say each time that we will never bail him out again, so he obviously just thinks we don’t ever follow it through. We really mean it this time and we are quite certain he will do it again if he gets the opportunity.