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I have been giving some thought to my situation and what I might do if I can’t travel anymore. I hope this situation to be over in the next few months – maybe into next year, but if not – what does a “world traveller” do if he can no longer travel?

It made me realise that I travel to enjoy the beauty of the world, the landscapes, the trees, the sights and sounds of nature. So different from the sights and sounds in the arcades I used to spend so much time in!

So my plan B would be to find somewhere to live which would allow me to be out in nature as much as possible and to work on my photography skills so I could record as much of the beauty of the natural world as possible. I have also decided that I want to feel proud of myself by learning another language, so I am still pressing ahead with my Portuguese and will be dropping the French as I shall only go back for a few weeks now – if at all.

I’m also enjoying my English teaching – it is good to be useful and to speak to people from around the world. I am feeling connected in this disconnected time.