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You’re right, community matters.  Big time.  I started diving into the GA community well — yesterday to be frank.  All kinds of thoughts and emotions that have been bottled for years are coming out (in an understanding, non-explosive way) … the feelings are incredible.

Just like gamblers/junkie’s binging are the worst people you can be around when you’re trying to quit (if they’re deluded that there’s nothing wrong with the game or players, they’ll feed that delusion to you even if just subconsciously), this is the opposite.

There is a true upward momentum in these support groups that’s based on what’s raw and real and getting the truth out of us/out there.  I’ve realized something instantly today and that is that you need a specific support group for your specific problem — sharing my own troubles with my regular friends/fam never made a difference over the years … their tendency is to empathize/sympathize and say “yea.  Hope maybe something works out” — or in some cases chastise etc.  There is an emotional energetic disconnect.

Each strain of addiction has specific nuances to it, and the gambling/compulsive nature of it is definitely nuanced in a way that generic advice from non-gamblers (in my case) only made me feel weak, pathetic and disempowered.

Let’s put more wind in our sails and cut the risk compulsive betting … in life we have to take risks, but we’re rarely forced to take “huge risk”  “right now” the way gambling and it’s deceitful inner dialogue would have us believe … i remember writing about recently the nature of gambling to numb you to the pleasures of life … to the point where you think the things that will ACTUALLY fulfill you are empty and that gambling of all things will fill your inner craving/hollow feelings inside.  It’s the exact opposite.

Gambling is sinking to a place of disempowerment watching ourselves like watching a tv character on a screen and feeling no control over it … because it becomes a head trip devoid from connection to control over bodily actions.

For me, it’s reversing the polarity of seeing myself quit/change my behavior but acting it out anyway to just quitting/changing my behavior and seeing what was formerly a compulsive action become a thought that i see repeating but don’t act on.

I think that’s a natural progression of eliminating old habits … they move from body to mind where they just appear as thoughts we don’t act on after long enough … and likewise when we finally start acting on good habits they move from mind to body … no longer something we just think about, but something we take action on.

I made this realization during a long diary post about my experience of gambling in the forex/currency markets (which are disguised as a proper ‘business’, but are basically a mirror image of online casinos).

Much support and love friend — keep the cravings dormant and your sprouting life of good things you enjoy growing.