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Just a short note to give you an update. I have started pottery classes which are superfun, inspiring but unfortunately very difficult to fit in my/our schedule. I hope to continue but it’s not sure yet. I made a hollow Lemon which I am going to paint and bake, I like the saying how “when life throws lemons at you, squeeze them and make lemonade” … Teeheehee

My husband has been picking up his studying really well… Working on assignments for hours and hours (sometimes even into the night) while I have no more time to myself. I want to see it as an investment, that he passes his courses, but,.. in my opinion he’s exaggerating. He looks stressed and cranky and it’s almost as if he’s back at his compulsive behavior. Except with gambling, he’s now devouring books! Not sure what to do about it, but I think it’s time we sit and talk about this. Soon!

Have a good afternoon all.