i read this thread and it talks about the gamblrr when he engages in gambling the partner should disengage and shut him out. in my case its the reverse. my gambler is shutting me out. im not sure if he is still playing because he does it secretly and we do not live togther. but he tells me that he feels pressured and stressed in my presence or just even beginning to talk to me. and we have not even started a topic yet. i feel like he has a lot on his head. he has not been contacting me. thats why im confused. he is the one shutting me out. iv tried all ways yo compromise with him just so we could work out a relationshp. but all he tells me is how he wants space.. anf i guess that means having zero contact. i guess thats his way of working on his recovery. which i really dont get. abd cant get. whats making sure we talk even for just once a day…. i feel so left out and alone.