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Yes – I still remember the mental turmoil I went through when I was gambling … Not just the act itself, but all the stuff that went with it; to chase or not, where to get money from; how to find the time (as I was working my fingers off trying to stay afloat) flitting into recovery and then back out again. So much calmer now …

Beware of feeling too calm and almost missing the “excitement” of gambling. That shows itself as boredom and was a big trigger for me during my early recovery. I have since learnt that when those feelings come I need to do something else – anything that will take my mind off things and then later, when I am feeling stronger, take on a bigger challenge that will keep me interested and away from gambling. Previously that was travelling, right now it is language – not just foreign ones … I am getting so into the ins and outs of English now I am teaching it.

Enjoy your gardening and your DIY projects when you get to them. See you in chat soon?