my update

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hello ..

I miss the old site but life is changing and we can deal with the new site too . Need little time and we use to it.

My cg is still free- he is still going to his mettings and he is comipment. we work too much but my update is that we came a liitle closer . We are not just polite .

Velvet i told him that i love him! That was when the ice broke.

I felt woman again. I felt relieved.

We are more free now , and we laugh easily .Im not saying that we dont struggle but we struggle and smiling too. I think that is a positive think . He told me that im a very very close person when someone hurt me but he is still here to make me open again .

He is now almost i year when i learn the truth …and i think that we made some good steps …the next year will be better.