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I think letting our emotions out is a healthy response and you will feel better afterwards. You may also be able to think more clearly. You have taken an important step in tackling your gambling issue – and as Berta says restricting your access to money would help even more.

The 12 steps of GA are based on the 12 steps of AA – so it may be of some use to you. You can find the 12 GA steps on-line
Could you attend some of the AA meetings to see how they work (you would need to get permission from someone in the fellowship as the meetings are only supposed to be for people with an alcohol problem.) Then if you feel confident enough try and start a meeting if you can find just one or two others in the same predicament on the ship?

Do others know of your problem? Is there someone you could confide in so that you don’t feel so alone with it?

The final thing I hear is your wanting to divert your interests away from gambling. I get a sense that you are not wanting to do table -tennis or go to the gym or you would be doing that. I wonder if there was any interest that you gave up for gambling … or anything that you have always wanted to do but felt you haven’t had the time for – no matter how far fetched it may seem, the starting point is the first small step and you may be able to take that now.

I think longer term you need to think about the environment you are in and whether it is worth the anguish it is causing to remain there. Is there any point in earning this good money if you are going to lose it all in the casino. You say you want a more settled life anyway – is this something you could be working towards now … small steps?
Keep posting and maybe talk to some of us in group (see the link for times) and keep strong. I look forward to further posts.