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For me I think the big secret to stopping is letting the money go.
It is lost and gone and with your abilities in business you can make it back again . Just because you have gained a gambling addiction doesn’t mean you have lost your other talents .

It is really hard to stop and even though I have been trying for years it is only now I am having real success and I have to be honest and say that is mostly due to the barriers I have put in place like gambling blockers on my phone and internet devices- I still want to gamble a lot of the time but I can’t. Willpower is not my strongest point !

People who have been gamble free a long time say the urges lessen and they definitely have for me – but they are still there.

I really don’t know if you can block trading sites but if you Google gambling blockers you will get throw information. I use betfilter .

Like you Daniel, gambling is generational in my family – I guess we are lacking something in our brains – I had some success with a supplement called NAC but in the end it made me feel ill a lot of the time – you could Google that also perhaps .

You can recover from this and have a great life – if you want to win back you can still do it tomroro , next week or next month- try stopping for now !

I hope this helps Daniel- by the time we realise that we are stuck in the cycle of compulsive gambling we have already done so much damage – but it is very positive that you have realised this and it is very admirable that you are reaching out straight away to get help .

You can beat this Daniel and you can build up your funds again.

Can I recommend that you attend some of the support groups tomorrow night (Monday ) with Charles – you will get good advice there .

Well done for joining GT