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Darlene and I are going to the Comedy Club this evening, which I’m sure will be fun! It’s the same comedy club Liz and I went to when she was visiting. Next weekend we are going to the Fabulous Fifties which is a women’s show with booths, fashion show, stuff to buy, etc. I made a list of different venues like dinner theatres, entertainment acts coming to the city, and I plan to go to things that interest me. I have also started reading again which used to be a love of mine. I am on a search of what brings me pleasure. I started wearing jewellery a bit, and I’m planning on putting on make-up to go out tonight, which is something I gave up on almost 2 decades ago. I am realizing that self-care has so much more to do than just getting manis and pedis. For me it’s a different way of thinking and it’s all about me, all about what brings me pleasure. The things that make me happy! Carole