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Thanks for the message Harry-no problem on the help line. I saw my turn had come about 20 seconds too late:-))

There are G.A. meetings on the US bases that are not a option-all the other ones, even if they are in English-are a few hours away.

The site will have to suffice–but it really does not matter how much support I have or do not have. I have to want to stop-I didn’t before-I do now.

Did get a invite to a game today-but I declined…first challenge passed.

Sending my credit cards that can be used for gaming elsewhere—I will not have access. Reducing my atm limit to 100 bucks a day (should say I want to-have not asked the bank yet but I don’t imagine its a difficult request). On one entry somewhere on here someone recommended The Easy way to stop Gambling by Allen Carr-have no idea if the book is worth anything but it can’t hurt so I bought and am reading…..