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Thank you Murr for your comments, yes this is my 10th day of my second hundred days and i have not had a single entry into the casino. fortunately for me, online gambling is not my pill. I am very happy with my small achievement. It was not without many attempts though. I cannot even begin to ***** how many times I left the casino and said this is the last time, i cant do this to myself anymore..only to be back within three days. So this platform has been the key to my recovery so far. Like you, I also saw a post from a recovering addict here, doing what I am doing now, and I told myself that is how I am also gonna do it…and today I am on day 110. So I hope it also works for you.

I have had a good week. I stuck to my diet plan (Banting) and have not drunk beer as part of my commitment to reduce my weight. Boy, this is even tougher than quiting black jack because there are temptations everywhere…i mean everywhere is food or beer adverts, especially because we are now well into spring. I am avoiding the scale, but I am feeling very good about myself.

I am a little bit disappointed that I had to increase my overdraft..yyaah that sucked a bit, but looking at the money we have now and our holiday coming in week, we were just not gonna get to the end of the month..i felt so bad, but i will be ok.

I have hardly thought about gambling this week, i hope to stay that way forever. I hope someday it is just a distant memory and something that i hardly ever think about..something that is completely in the another lifetime, i wonder if anyone ever gets there…may be in a 1000 days??

So all is well…family is is good and I am on day 10 of my 2nd century.

All the best to everyone out there and God bless.