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Day #100 today. Big day for me. The best of all is it all went smoothly for the most part. I did have a few urges along the way, but only a few. I had one yesterday, after a few urge-free weeks.
And I did have 5 or 6 dreams where I gambled and every time I was very pissed at myself in the dream. And was very relieved when I woke up and realized it was a dream.

Yes, Vera, I am now able to concentrate on other things, so it’s not just “not gambling”. Mainly, I’ve been able to concentrate more on my work which suffered the most because of my gambling. (I’ve always been a fairly good parent – I believe, even when I gambled, but my work always suffered).

You’re doing amazing as well Mav. Really proud of you. Is your family gone to Columbia now? When will they come back?
How long is your 12 step program for?