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I was so desperate to cling onto my last days off before two weeks day and night working, that I forgot all about my 100 day anniversary of gamble free life. Today is the less impressive figure of 101 days. Less impressive? I guess more impressive really, but not as round is what I meant.
Went to The Pleasure Beach on Thursday. Jeez! It’s been around 20-22 years since the last time I went and I’m not kidding, there’s stuff there that hadn’t been touched in all that time. Anyone ever heard o a lick off paint? It was a pretty good day out to be fair but I definitely felt it! If there was a ride were they strapped you in and just had a bunch of little kids run in from the sides and start kicking you in the legs and chest… It probably would be considered one of the more comfortable rides.
Went to town for some art supplies yesterday too. Fifty three bloody quid for basically about 20 pens and a canvas! I’m gonna have to start charging people for these canvases I’m knocking out! I guess I’ll be spending a LOT of time at work in the next two weeks. So I’ll be able to do a bit while I’m here. Not really what they’re paying me for but did it, I’ve been here long enough to have a bit of leeway…
Anyway! Here’s to another 100 days. Cheers!