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It’ll come sooner than you think Micky. You’ve already done the hard first couple of weeks.
I started my two week run yesterday. I must admit, I’ve been feeling pretty lethargic last couple of weeks, but I seem to of gotten a second wind now I’m in full command. It was pretty bloody busy last night and I was knackered at the end. It’s hard work in a sense that there’s only really my boss that understands how I work and communicate and we sync pretty well. Everyone else I work with has something about them that irritates me. Last night I was paired with a lad that thinks he’s gods gift to bar work. I’m pretty shit hot myself but it’s never something I’ve felt the need to boast about. You just get on with it. On top of his obvious self-love, he also seems to think he’s involved in every conversation going and constantly crashes in when I’m talking shop with my superiors or just randomly answers questions from customers that are aimed at me. This dear readers, is very, very, annoying! Tonight’s help consists of a woman who is constantly complaining of being tired. She’s had a part time job on top of this one for a few months and it’s obviously killing her. I’m sure I’ll be full of sympathy after my near 80 hour week when she tells me on Tuesday she’s tired during her two hour shift.
Maybe the service industry ain’t a good choice for someone that hates people!