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The dreaded Friday has arrived. Easy day so far. Banking done, safe is correct and the delivery came on time. It’s absolutely dead in here today. Not sure if it’s always like this but I’ve been by myself for nearly an hour. I missed a phone call this morning from my boss. It was a few minutes after Carlsberg rang me so I knew it was about the delivery. I sent him a text that said “if it’s about the delivery, I’ve already spoken to them”. He text back with a simple “ok”. It was then I decided to be an absolute legend. A comedy genius with unparalleled timing. I simply text back “I’m not sure how they’re going to get the delivery in since the explosion”… Just leave that one to settle in I thought. Queue the frantic phone call from Spain desperately seeking information on said explosion… It was funny when I wrote it, is pretty much all the information I had to offer. He seemed pretty gutted he still had a place of work to come back to…