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Fish face2017

Gamble free still for 10 days. Im telling myself it’s getting easier. This week was a test for me as there’s been a big sporting event each day, but every morning I’ll read through my post on here and remember how annoyed and let down I was with myself after that awful weekend. Onwards and upwards.

I’ve self excluded each betting site online which helps. My biggest thing was like you said Jonny was having access to money. I opened a new bank account and set up standing orders of all my income straight into that account leaving myself enough for Diesel and food. I’ve cut the card up and threw it away so I know I can’t use it or enter the details into a gambling site. This has worked really well (Even after 11 days) .

Taking every day as it comes… but starting to feel abit better although I am still getting urges every now and then. Weekends are the most difficult time for me but bring it on!!