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I guess there’s no better time to come on here an vent than a Tueaday morning. Last week was obviously a fluke and now Coors are back to norm being late and ruining my morning! It’s not helped by the fact I got very little sleep last night but still got up at 7 and dragged myself here for half 8. I was looking forward to a bit of a kip between shifts, but chances are I won’t get home till 1 then I’m back at 3. Can’t say I’m too impressed.
I’ve took it upon myself to get a member of staff removed while the boss is away. He’s the son of a long term employee but that doesn’t matter where business is concerned. He’s only a young lad but he’s easily the most shifty person I’ve ever worked with. The amount of times he’s short changed people is into the double figures now and the worst thing is, he’s never questioned one! When I was young and starting out, if someone said I’d short changed them I’d immediately demand the till be counted. Not doing so in my eyes is just an admission of guilt. Not sure how his dad will take the news but if I’m honest, I don’t really care. I’ve even volunteered to pot him myself.
Apart from that bit of drama it should be smooth sailing to Sunday when the boss returns. He must be missing the place as he’s coming back a day early.