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Been a few days since my last post. Finally finished my long work stint. Had a day off yesterday. Didn’t really know what to do with it, so I did nothing! It’s interesting how much I enjoy it when I’m in full charge of the place. I like to get everything sorted to how I like it. But then the boss comes back and starts doing things his way. I must admit I lose quite a bit of interest when that happens. I’m glad I sacked off that lad though that was on the rob. If I’d left it up to the boss he’d let him work here till he retired…
Anyway, back at work now. Can’t possibly think of having more than a day off. Back in and right back to waiting for Coors. Actually, that’s just out of habit. In fact, this week was great. Thwaites turned up at 10:15 and as soon as they pulled away, Coors pulled up. Perfect timing!
Had another savings block this last two weeks. I had a decent wage while the boss was away. I made roughly £900 not including tips for the hours I put in. Unfortunately temptation and a possibly bargain captured me. I saw another pair of match worn Gerrard boots from back in 2002. Perfect proof with them and everything. £550. Personally speaking, that’s a steal. Gerrard boots are fetching over a grand right now with less proof than these have with them. Is also agreed to buy my lady friend a new necklace to replace the one her previous partner bought her. I’m happy with that coz I don’t like the prick anyway. Trouble is, the necklace she picked was a 385 quid Tiffany & Co silver piece… There was some cheaper ones she was happy to settle with, but what’s the point of settling if it’s something she’ll wear every day. I also gave her £150 towards her monster electricity bill. In total dear readers, that comes to £1085. I managed to sell a pair of Raheem (the snake) Sterling match spec boots for £100. So in total, after two weeks of hard graft, after all said and done, and all the smoke has cleared, and all the sust has settled… I’ve managed to come away with minus £85. Hey ho, there’s always next week though right. Crap. As I’m writing this I just remembered my first £350 rent comes out next week. Oh well, there’s always the week after! I’m playing the long game now people!
Cheers for the encouragement izzi. Stay strong!