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Pay day tomorrow, a painful reminder I could have been one month gamble free but oh well. Things are going okay, and I’m in a okay mood, everything is just ok. I’ve been eating healthier and have a lot more energy, but still can’t help raiding the cupboards during the evening. I blame it on the munchies, I’m really gonna have to stop smoking the green stuff. It will save me a lot of money, but it’s mainly for my mental health. The no drinking is not going to great, I have a beer or 2 after work so nothing extreme, but if I wasn’t such a lightweight I’m sure I’d be going through a bottle of wine every night. Gambling hasn’t even really crossed my mind, don’t miss it for a second. It feels different than last time, when I got up to day 22 I was still thinking about it all the time. Really think I’m going to be able to stay away this time, I banned myself from most online casinos but ive signed up to so many I forget. Goodbye gambling, I will not miss you.