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Seems like a wave and a roller coaster of emotions. I’m currently looking for full time work so my debt is not even going down much right now. I’ve been sober for 14 days and as I start seeing things with a clearer mind state , I just can’t believe how out of control my gambling got… It’s surreal to think about and I get anxiety if I think this is my reality right now.. how? Why? I just can’t believe it.. but it’s what it is, I must keep going forward and get out of this hole. Still going to counselling once a week, I think it’s helping me a bit , see things from diff perspectives. My ex girl and I have been hanging out a bit, she’s very supportive and cares a lot about me, I worry I’m getting involved too fast since I’m weak and at my lowest point right now, but it’s really nice to have someone special , makes me forget how much of a mess life is right now due to this addiction. Well.: that’s my update basically, have to keep being positive , optimistic, and work hard to get my life back on track. I think I’ll post every 30 days here, hope everyone is going strong and gamble free. Bless