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I had a really quiet weekend, spend most of the time with my family indoors. I kept myself busy with some cable installations for extra TV point upstairs. We have also being bothered by pigeons on top of the roof, so I put a dummy owl to scare them away and it worked, for the first time in 6 weeks we slept very peacefully. But on Saturday morning I was really down for no reason, i did not like it and that early in the morning i had my first drink. My wife was away for a greater part of the day, attending a baby shower,and i stayed with the kids. So I took them to do their hair at the salon and while we were there I felt so drunk and exhausted. Only the younger one saw how uncomfortable I was, and I did not like that she saw me in that state. I was really drunk, i would have thrown up if I had something to eat, I was just throwing up air..and my young one was looking. eish! But fortunately no one else noticed. i never want be like that again.

i hoping to complete lots of my work this week and just hoping that God give me the strength to resist the temptation of getting into an argument with my boss..I have committed myself to making our work relationship work and will actively take the lead in that. I do not want to see myself to having reacted badly after his usual insults and negative insinuations.
Today is also my brother’s birthday, me and him have not being talking for a few months primarily because i had a fallout with his wife. In one of those Christmas lunches, she was throwing insults and really bad words to my niece for no reason, she is type of person who like to look down on the less fortunate and she has been a common factor in all the Christmas fall outs. i dont even know how to describe her..anyway I defended my niece and after a couple of weeks my brother was trying to defend her, obviously. I mean all my family members knows what type of person she is, only my brother sees otherwise..In any case we stopped talking after an argument and haven’t spoken has been about 9 months..i chose not to attend the following Christmas lunch. But I decided to send him a happy birthday wish, just to try and pave the way to us mending things again. He was very happy with my msg.

After having watched the comrades marathon this weekend, I have decided to start focusing on being physically fit as part of my rehabilitation goals. My tummy area is just out of proportion and I want to start digging it down. I must eat better, reduce my drinking habit and exercise more.

One day at a time