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Just making a quick update for today. I tried to implement a new routine of waking up early (before 6 am). It was nice having a slow morning with plenty of time but I was really tired. Went to the gym during the midday and completely crashed whilst attempting meditation for a good 20 minutes. The shower afterward was amazing where I switched between the cold shower and the steam shower, which really made my body wake up and feel alive. Amazing!
After that, I did some studying until my next GA meeting, where I shared for the first time and asked for advice about coming clean to my friends about my addiction. That was really nice because it encouraged me to be open and honest about it to my friends, which I have always feared.

I haven’t felt the urge at all to gamble, I’m just trying to sort out myself and maintain a functioning daily routine where I get all the small choices right. So far so good.

One day at a time!