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I have been keeping myself really busy and trying to get more work done. I am happy about the progress I have been making and hoping to gain more momentum. I have resisted to have any negative confrontation with my boss, he knows how to rub me off the wrong way, but so far I have resisted any temptation of back insults or complaining about the load of work he is pushing my way. My other colleague has taken full advantage of the rift between myself and my boss..and he has become the favorite go-to-guy. I would have preferred a different working environment, but until I can find another employment I have to be strong enough to make it work.

My wife and I have been really distant since my last casino outing 17 days ago…we have been very quite and hardly ever had a conversation. For some reason I feel really down when I am around her, she has tried to make a conversation and I have just cut it short for some reason.

I dont like the state I am in, sometimes I feel so overwhelmed about my situation and other times I am upbeat and actually looking forward to overcoming these challenges. I would like to know how to overcome these swing of emotions.

I have managed to take a 5km jog, which felt very good. It is so cold i have not been able to take any is one of my best medicines to let negativity off my my system. But i need to be careful not to over do it and wake my calf although i fell i can do 10 or 15 k..i need the discipline to nurse my injury.
But i am doing much better that 15 days ago when everything was just dark and directionless. I believe that so long as my pocket is not leaking because of gambling I can overcome whatever financial challenges i currently find myself in.

I am praying for better days, I hope I can find a new job soon and I would like to return my relationship with my wife back to normal.

It is really tough..but I am taking it one day at a time. One small positive step at a time.